Exfiltrés : 3 extracts to discover this thriller with Swann Arlaud and Finnegan Oldfield

Check out the three excerpts of”Exfiltrés”, a thriller in which Swann Arlaud, Finnegan Oldfield and Charles Berling are trying to repatriate a young woman from Syria. First fiction feature film directed by Emmanuel Hamon, to whom we owe several documentaries, political and historical, Exfiltrés is inspired by a true story that occurred in 2015 : two activists seeking to smuggle him out of Syria a young woman and her son. Pascal Chantier – Epithète Films Kassem Al-Khoja and Finnegan Oldfield More precisely, the scenario of this thriller on the topical subject follows Faustine, a French muslim who traveled to Syria with his son of five years to find a better life. When she becomes aware of the hell into which she is thrown, she tries, in vain, to leave the country. In Paris, her husband Sylvain (Swann Arlaud) tries to find it but can not, as the government and its leader, Patrice (Charles Berling). Emus by the distress of this father of a family, two young activists (Finnegan Oldfield and Kassem Al-Khoja) then decided to mount an operation of exfiltration to high-risk. In the first excerpt above, we see Gabriel and Patrice (played by Oldfield, and Berling, who had given the replica in the drama autobiographical Marvin or the beautiful education released in 2017) interact in an attempt to locate the woman and the son of Sylvain. The character of Berling, who is a leader-a senior surgeon, is animated with a desire to be very pronounced but is still relatively helpless in the face of the situation. His son Gabriel, a man of the field who works for an NGO in Turkey, by contrast, seems to be much more able to deal with the problem. Exfiltrés Extract VF "J'I probed a little field" The second excerpt shows, as to him, Patrice announce to steve that his wife and son are in Syria (fun fact : only a few months after the police comedy, A handsome rogue, Swann Arlaud, and Charles Berling meet for Exfiltrés). Originally a social worker in the suburbs of paris, Faustine wanted to make in this country to work in a maternity, driven not by religious fanaticism but by a desire to make it more useful. Arrival at Rakka, she realized the horror in which she has trained her son and, therefore, seeks quickly to escape. In the third excerpt below, we can see the characters played by Swann Arlaud, Finnegan Oldfield, Charles Berling and Sophie Cattani try to find a solution to ensure that Faustina and her son are able to return to France. We see, again, at which point Patrice, played by Berling, is determined to come to the aid of the nurse to Sylvain. For this, he seeks to convince his son to use his experience in the field. The latter shows, however, skeptical as to the basis, Faustina has chosen to go to Syria. Exfiltrés Extract VF "She was afraid" With Exfiltrés, including the scenes taking place in Syria were filmed in Jordan, Emmanuel Hamon didn’t want to make a fiction film, akin to a treaty of geopolitics on the situation in the Middle East. The director has, on the contrary, sought to give evidence to the audience so that they can understand the story on the ground. He said : “I really wanted to play the game of the fiction, so I didn’t hesitate to take players completely identified, as Swann Arlaud who just had the Caesar, Finnegan Oldfield and Iscah Kalvanda, not to mention Charles Berling. At the same time it was also very important to have actors who allow that it is believed in this story, that carry in them. Kassem Al-Khoja, for example, who interprets the activist syrian Adnan, himself comes from the region of Rakka, and arrived in France by boat two years ago. He had never played in a movie.” Exfiltrés trailer VF

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