Game of Thrones : the actors talk about their memories of the first 7 seasons

Has 6 days of the last season of “Game of Thrones”, the official Youtube channel of the series, has just published a result of making of videos where all the actors evoke (not without a certain emotion), their first memories of filming. It was almost 10 years ago. In the courtyard of Winterfell, one of Ch√Ęteaunoir, on foot or on horseback, Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage and all the other actors of Game of Thrones were doing their first steps in the pilot of what would soon become… one of the biggest televised events of all time. Today, a few days of the eighth and final season of the series, while the whole world is holding its breath prior to discovering the end of Game of Thrones, the cast recalls his first memories of shooting through a sequence of making of videos published on the official Youtube channel of the show . Do they remember from their first scene ? What is the sequence that they have found the most shocking ? On the day of filming that they have preferred ? The partner of game that they will miss the most ? While waiting to discover the final chapter in the acclaimed series of HBO, why not immerse yourself in the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones through the nostalgic look of their protagonists ? Here you can find all the making of videos of the cast… Until next Monday, of course… Game of Thrones – season 8 trailer VO

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